The Massing Approach

Being the agency alternative, Massing views her clients as business partners and often is quoted modifying the old Vidal Sassoon hair care commercial slogan: "If you don't look good, I don't look good!"

Fundamental to MassingPR's business approach is a background briefing with key executives including partners or customers, covering any milestone or historic material related to your mission that will help uncover more information on your branding goals; and generally identify your competitive strengths/advantages, market pressures, short- and long-term challenges, marketing strategies and key messages.

This initial briefing will help ascertain the mix of publicity driven and marketing tools that will be most effective in helping achieve your strategic objectives - tangibly enhancing the climate in which you do business, which leads to establishing a building a strong "Brand through Reputation" in the industry and to all your public audiences leading to greater revenue.

Massing prefers to operate on a retainer basis due to the regular public relations and/or relationship maintenance required to drive best "true" results; however, Massing will work on a project basis, ensuring that in either case, the client is protected from hidden and unexpected costs for services.

MassingPR's Agency Alternative Virtual Team approach allows clients to tap into the most experienced talent pool of writers, designers, media trainers, strategy and market consultants, and event specialists on an as-needed basis.

Massing offers 24/7 365-day plug-in monitoring due to the nature of how the global news industry works. All but one client in eight years since inception have been referred - the one client has returned to launch a new company.

MassingPR, if engaged with your company, will not take on a competitor under the guise of other agency team representatives and boundaries of privacy in shared office spaces, networks and cubicles.

Client Testimonials

"MassingPR has always provided an individualized service that has helped Lighthouse grow its business through referrals while retaining strong client relationships, resulting in repeat business. MassingPR has scored highly with our clients and business partners."

Peter C Harris

Founder and President

Lighthouse Partners

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